Burns Industries is your trusted source for all your cable needs.


Burns Industries specializes in the manufacture of cable assemblies and harnesses for a variety of industries. Burns Industries builds medical cable assemblies both domestically and in our offshore manufacturing facilities.

From sheet metal to medical cables to circuit boards to paint, Burns Industries can handle your requirements. In support of our contract manufacturing capabilities, Burns Industries has a proven supply chain for metal parts.

Anthem, Inc., formerly known as WellPoint, Inc., is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. Call Burns Industries today to discuss your electronic assembly requirements.

Burns Industries produces wire harnesses to fulfill all of your needs, from military cable harness to military cables through commercial and consumer applications. Burns Industries provides assembly services and complete turnkey production of electromechanical assemblies and box builds.

A turnkey box build utilizes many of the services that Burns Industries provides, all rolled into one. Volume production of single- and double-sided circuit boards, box build services, wire lead and military cables are part of the comprehensive capabilities Arc-Tronics offers to the defense industry. Burns Industries has been a flexible and reliable partner for companies with the need for contract manufacturing In the United States, as well as offshore manufacturing since 1995.

As an integral part of our offshore antenna and box build manufacturing, Burns Industries is able to design and mold a variety of plastic parts. In addition to production CCA , Nextek offers complete product assembly (box build) services to customers who need electro-mechanical assembly support beyond the circuit board level. Custom capabilities include box build assembly contract manufacturing, screen printing, through hole automated insertion, soldering, cleaning, testing and inspection.

Burns Industries welcomes jobs as simple as wire prep to complex harnesses, including molded cable assemblies. Our box build assembly service also includes engineering , analysis , and testing services.

We specializes in electromechanical box assemblies for medical , defense , industrial , and specialized computer equipment. Whether it’s to build a prototype or full production, you can trust Burns Industries to deliver on time on budget & per your specifications.

Burns Industries has experience in manufacturing antenna manufacturer for a wide variety of applications. Charles Montgomery Burns was born to Clifford Burns and Daphne Burns (before marriage her name was Daphne Charles (hence the name Charles)).

Burns Industries can handle your requirements from prototype to large volume production.

Burns Industries is headquartered in Nashua, NH with offshore manufacturing facilities located in Asia.

Our industrial, medical and commercial box build assembly services help OEMs save system integration cost and time. Provides electromechanical box assembly services to customers in the military, medical, and commercial industries. Even the cable guides are pieces of bamboo that you epoxy into place.

Current product categories in our Box-Build Assembly group include medical electronics devices, telecommunications devices, rugged outdoor industrial equipment, environmental units and world-class photography products. Burns Industries has a proven supply chain for metal parts, from sheet metal to extrusions. Burns Industries is an electronics manufacturer specializing in full product assembly to meet your specifications.

Is a provider of contract manufacturing services for all types of products, from custom cables, antennas, PCBA’s, box builds & much more. This includes electrical enclosures and backplanes, cable and wire harnesses, power supplies, and other higher level assembly requirements.

From sheet metal to extrusions, from castings to stampings and CNC machining, Burns Industries has you covered.